Chicory Tip

New album - ĎChicory Tip in 2000?- now available!

Single releases

    Monday After Sunday / Pride Comes Before A fall (CBS 5056) 1970
    My Girl Sunday / Doctor Man (CBS 7118) 1971
    Excuse Me Baby / The Devil Rides Tonight (CBS 7312) 1971
    I Love Onions / Donít Hang Jack (CBS 7595) 1971
    Son Of My Father / Pride Comes Before A Fall (CBS 7737) 1972
    Whatís Your Name / Memory (CBS 8021) 1972
    The Future Is Past / Big Wheels Rolling (CBS 8094) 1972
    Good Grief Christina / Move On (CBS 1258) 1973
    Cigarettes, Women And Wine / I See You (CBS 1668) 1973
    I.O.U. / Join Our Gang (CBS 1866) 1973
    Take Your Time Caroline / Me And Stan Foley (CBS 2507) 1974
    Survivor / Move On (Route RT1) 1975
    Son Of My Father / Whatís Your Name (Old Gold OG 9003) 1978 (reissue)



    Son Of My Father (CBS 64871) 1972
    The Very Best - Chicory Tip (Laserlight 12 337)
    The Very Best Of Chicory Tip (Summit SUMCD 4099)
    The Best Of Chicory Tip (Repertoire REP4816-WG)
    Chicory Tip In 2000 (Chicory Tip CT001)

Son Of My Father
Cigarettes, Women And Wine
Son Of My Father - The Album
The Very Best of Chicory Tip

Chicory Tip in 2000
The long awaited new album from Chicory Tip!

Feauturing a collection of some of Chicory Tipís favourite songs (see the track list below) this new CD is available for purchase direct from the band priced ?2.99 including post & packing.
To play the audio samples you need Real Player installed on your computer.

I Drove All Night






Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye



Itís So Easy



Iíll Be Your Baby Tonight



Rock & Roll Medley



This Boy



Good Grief Christina



Whatís Your Name?



Beach Boys/Jan & Dean Medley



ĎTil You Love Me



Somewhere Over The Rainbow



Son Of My Father



Chicory Tip, as they are now.
Chicory Tip in 2000


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